L’Apical Methòdic 2021

Made with xarel·lo vermell variety, from a young vineyard. This variety is a rarity from old time that we wanted to recover. It is a genetic mutation from the white xarel·lo, but with a later harvest than xarel·lo blanc. It has a thicker skin than the white xarel·lo and a red colour that gives the plant a real elegance and brightness. Taking advantage of its colour and its thick skin, we dared to work with METHÒDIC. We could say that METHÒDIC brought out our more natural way of making wine. It has been fermented with their own grapes’ skins and with wild yeast, coming from the vineyard itself. Thanks to this, we get a tannic structure and a special colour, as well as the natural acidity we get due to the premature harvest done. In this way we get an incredible live wine.

Varieties: Red Xarel·lo. Ecological agriculture not certified


13,00 IVA inclòs

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Once the fermentation process is over, this wine remains for 3 or 4 months inside ceramic amphoras, which allow the micro-oxygenation of the wine without imparting any flavours or aromas. This is how we get such a delicate wine. To sum up, it is a daring wine with character, through which we want to transmit the purity of the grape variety, by keeping its original essence.

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    Service temperature

    We advise to taste it not very cold, but between 10 and 12ºC, at this temperature, it will allow appreciation of all the aromatic characteristics of the variety itself, in its most natural expression.


    The Methodic is a very friendly and elegant wine, marked by delicate aromas and saline spirit, which make it ideal to accompany all kinds of marinaded food, appetizers, grilled vegetables, rice dishes, smoked fish, seafood, carpaccio or soft cheeses.

    Tasting notes:

    White wine of shiny copper and orange shades, with reddish, clean and bright, agile-topped glasses.


    Red Xarel·lo.Ecological agriculture not certified.



    Alcohol content:

    10'5% vol.


    Manual, September 2020


    February 2021


    In ceramic amphorae for 3 months


    Limited production of 1372 bottles.
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