L’Apical Vividors del Vi Blanc 2021

It is the only wine we have, which is a blending of two different grape varieties. We thought of two indigenous varieties that could complement each other. We wanted to get a wine with a particular aromatic note that could make people addicted when tasting and smelling. We think that a blending of xarel·lo (75%) and Malvasia de Sitges (25%) allows us to get this particular wine we are looking for. They are two amazing mediterranean indigenous varieties. Xarel·lo, on the one hand, is the star grape variety that provides the wine with a silky texture and freshness, due to its acidity.
Varieties: 75% Xarel·lo, 25% Malvasia de Sitges

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Malvasia de Sitges, on the other hand, is a variety that comes from the Eastern mediterranean area in the 14th Century. In the 18th Century it was considered one of the best varieties to make wine in Catalonia. However, with phylloxera and champagne’s appearance in the 19th century, Malvasia started to disappear. Luckily, in St Joan Baptista Hospital, in Sitges, a big malvasia vine was seeded, thanks to Manuel Llopis, in order to continue making wine with this grape and not to lose it. It’s our youngest wine, daring and versatile. It has a noticeable mediterranean character, an excellent structure due to Xarel.lo and with notes of fruit and freshness coming from the Malvasia grape variety. We want to transmit youth, life and a mediterranean essence, hoping people could enjoy it in good company!

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    Service temperature

    We advise you to taste it cold, around 10ºC; 3 this temperature, it will allow us to appreciate all the aromatic characteristics of its varieties.


    Vividors del vi Blanc 2020 is a very versatile wine. Very suitable for all kinds of cold and hot starters, light main courses … but we would like to emphasize its great suitability for drinks with friends. Ideal to enjoy while having long conversations, laughing, while in with good company.

    Tasting notes

    Straw yellow white wine with crystalline reflections, clean and bright, agile in the glass.


    75% Xarel·lo, 25% Malvasia de Sitges



    Alcohol content:

    12,5% vol.




    March 2020


    Matured over their lees for 2 months in stainless steel tanks with periodic stirring. After the ageing takes place, we carry out the final coupage.


    Limited production of 3768 bottles.

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