L’Apical ParaRoques Ancestral Rose 2021

Direct press rosé. Fermentation of the must from sumo in perfect sanitary condition and point of maturation. Control of the constant temperature at 13-16ºC, to be able to respect in perfect state the varietal properties of the sumo.

Varieties : Small and big Sumoll grape, Llorenç del Penedès, Tarragona. Ecological Agriculture no certified.


14,00 IVA inclòs

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In comparison to the traditional wine making method, in the ancestral method there is only one fermentation without adding sugar or yeast (only those coming from the vine itself). We bottle this wine at the end of the primary fermentation, without being filtered or clarified. The remaining sugars are transformed by yeast that finished the primary fermentation within the bottle. This process is what causes the bubbles in our wine. This macabeo variety comes from the plantation we use to make our quiet wine. It is aged on the lees for 5 months, later disgorgement is done and finally, it is aged with a cork cap. When we taste this wine, it reminds us to those wines aged in vats. It stands out for its freshness and for its fruity flavours in the wineglass.

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    Serving temperature

    We recommend tasting it not too cold, between 10 and 12ºC; at this temperature, it will allow us to appreciate all the aromatic characteristics derived from the variety itself.


    The Apical ParaRoques Ancestral Rosé 2019 is a very versatile sparkling wine gastronomically: perfect for all kinds of cold starters and tapas such as prawn cocktail, carpaccio, pâtés, salads, sushi … but also very easy to combine with fish and seafood
    such as tatakis, grilled octopus, oysters … and even all kinds of vegetables, smoked food and cheeses, until you reach desserts. Great power to degrease the palate and very digestive bubble. Its elegance and pleasure on the palate make it very apt for drinks and toasting.

    Tasting notes:

    Rosé sparkling wine with orange/salmon tints and violet reflections. Nice and pleasant bubble. Good aromatic intensity marked by notes of intense varietal bouquet of fresh citrus fruits such as pomegranates, grapefruits or strawberries. A wide range of aromas on a delicate but noticeable floral and anise background. On the palate, we enjoy a tempting entry, a flavourful evolution, fruity and balsamic. A certain sensuality marked by the role of its lees, as well as a citric and fresh acidity. Lively, persistent and well integrated bubble. Long aftertaste with a delicate and gastronomic bitterness, pleasant acidity and dry on the finish, characteristics derived from the variety


    Small and big Sumoll grape, Llorenç del Penedès, Tarragona. Ecological Agriculture no certified.



    Alcohol content:

    12% vol.




    September 2018


    A total of 5 months of aging in the bottle with its bottle cap and in contact with its lees, and a later longer aging with a cork stopper.


    Limited production of 887 bottles.It is the most natural L'Apical wine. No type of sulphite, clarification or other external products, or any filtration process, has been added to any of its production process.

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